Webbased Business Software

Integrate all commercial, logistics and financial processes into a streamlined web-based business software that can be used on both Apple and Windows.




MultiPress is the MIS/ERP software for dynamic printing and production businesses in various related industries. MultiPress integrates all administrative, commercial, financial and logistic business processes together with production and management into one powerful management system.

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QuoJob is the leading administrative software foradvertising, design, communication, project andweb agencies. The entire process is automated to a maximum, yet the user always remains in control. This enables you to work faster as well as more accurately and with more information than ever before.

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Gripp verzamelt alle projectadministratie van jouw bedrijf op één plek. Offertes maken, projectmanagement, facturatie. Zo weet je altijd wat er nog moet gebeuren in de toekomst, maar zoek je ook snel opdrachten uit het verleden op. Herhaal opdrachten dupliceer je simpelweg, of je maakt er een contract van. Dat bespaart enorm veel tijd.

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